Robbie Dixon

Robbie Dixon
Award Winning Personality Vocalist

Robbie first started out running his own discos at the tender age of 17, by the age of 21 he decided to take the stage as an entertainer after much encouragement by family and friends.

After 2 years of entertaining audiences, he had the opportunity to join a comedy strip group called the world famous Blobendales who were a fat version of the Chippendales. This new exciting opportunity took Terry all over the world to places like USA, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Holland etc etc appearing on shows such as the David Letterman Show and many more. The group went on to make endless TV appearances with some of the biggest names in show business.

With his powerful voice & fun personality Robbie soon became a firm favourite with audiences across the country & awards for his terrific talent were soon to follow.

A terrific performance eveytime - book with confidence.


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