Wow Just Can't Get Enough 80's

Wow Just Can't Get Enough 80's
Vocal Fun 80's Tribute Entertainer

Be assured of a fun filled 80's extravaganza!!! 

Sam started in show business over 29 years ago at the tender age
of 14 as part of a well known band of the time.

Now a very well liked and respected top comedy vocalist with
audience interactions and infectious humour throughout her shows
and a personaiity to match on and of stage. Sam is at the top of
her feld in delivering shows to suit all people and various venues
around the country. Why call her Little Sam? her stature of 4’9 and
not forgetting the half inch! she also adds is the reason to her

Her bundle of joy personality puts a smile on everyones face
wherever she goes, on and of stage.